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inner and outer
for your sensitivity.

Clara Chill

© Neli Pantsulaia

I am glad that it has led you to my site!

I am Clara

your mentor, confidante and companion in professional transformation processes.

With passion and humor, an open, authentic and direct approach,

I warmly invite you on your journey to self-discovery.

Get to know your sensitivity!


The goal of my work

is to help you reconnect with yourself and create optimal living and working environments, allowing the energy within and around you to flow freely.

My mission

is to support you in recognizing and utilizing your sensitivity as a powerful tool.

We are becoming increasingly sensitive... What a wonder-full potential!

Clara Chill

Do you perceive stimuli within and around you intensely, which often go unnoticed or seem insignificant to others?
Use your perceptiveness as a powerful tool to grow personally and professionally. I consult neurosensitive people and educational professionals, particularly on the topics of AD(H)D, autism and HSP (highly sensitive personality).

Do you long for a professional environment that aligns with your sensitivity?
I will guide you in creating a life that meets your needs, allowing you to be professionally successful, perhaps even because of your sensitivity.

Clara Chill

Do you experience sensory overload and symptoms of exhaustion in your daily life and job?
Let's approach your energy system to release blocked or stagnant energies.

Clara Chill

Do you feel drained of energy, tired and unfocused in your living and working spaces?
I support you in optimizing your environment for more life energy (Qi), creativity and development of potential.

The possibility to integrate all four components into Coaching, distinguishes the uniqueness of my holistic approach.

By the way, career coaching is free for individuals registered as job seekers with the Federal Employment Agency or Job Center, or those eligible for rehabilitation programs provided by the Deutschen Rentenversicherung.

For further information, costs and modalities, please contact me:

Receive inspiration on the topics of neurodiversity, career and vocation, stay up to date on current dates for workshops or group meetings.

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