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Energy Coaching

Impulses for more life energy

Optimize your energy balance and get rid of energy vampires

Do you feel affected by psychosomatic blockages that have remained unresolved by conventional medical approaches? Do you experience unexplained reactions in certain situations or around specific people, or suddenly lose all your energy in a moment? These are indications that there may be energetic disharmonies present, affecting your quality of life. The term "energy balance" is commonly used, but what does it actually mean?


We are energetic beings in physical bodies. Often, energy becomes blocked, hindering the proper flow of our life force. I utilize methods from energy work to uncover blocked energy and reintegrate fragmented soul aspects back into flow and wholeness. This allows you to perceive your energy again, feel your body, and consciously live your creative power.


If you wish to explore the connection between your sensitivity and the subtle energy realm, I warmly invite you. Let's embark on a journey together to discover your hidden energy sources and harmonize them. Experience the sensation as old burdens and external energies suddenly release from your energy system. In coaching, we work with energetic techniques and impulses, as well as perception and sensitization exercises. The guiding principle of my work is "support for self-support." I'll introduce you to proven methods from energy work, empowering you to independently activate your self-healing abilities and lead your life from your full strength.

Clara Chill

The goals of energetics?

  • balances body, mind and soul

  • can harmonize physical, emotional and mental complaints and bring them back into balance

  • releases energetic blockages and reactivate self-healing powers

Why your energy can be blocked in your body:

  • destructive belief and behavior patterns

  • suppressed or unfelt emotions and feelings

  • fears and stress

  • adopted negative patterns or programs from your ancestors that no longer serve you

  • external energies, manipulative influences

  • environmental toxins, nutrition, negative frequencies such as electrosmog

© Neli Pantsulaia

Energy coaching in the professional context

  • In addition to beliefs and obstructive programs from one's own biography, experiences of success and failure also have an impact on professional success

  • Some of these (stressful) experiences have been stored in the energy system over the course of a professional career

  • The often suppressed memories can then be triggered in new situations and lead to "irrational" reactions and feelings

  • Negative experiences with employers, colleagues or clients can be resolved and healed through targeted energetic techniques

  • Biographical, family and karmic blockages that hinder professional success can be brought back into balance


© Neli Pantsulaia

My path to energy work

A few years ago, I sat despairingly on my osteopath's treatment table. I had been suffering from chronic back pain for over ten years. By that time, I had already undergone numerous therapies and coachings. "I practice yoga every day, connect with my body, go for walks, come to you, have tried a thousand things, and it still hurts so much... what else can I possibly do?" Despite practicing mindfulness and self-care daily, my body simply needed more time to release all the burdens and traumas. It had to learn to let go and relax.

Today, energy work and healing practices are becoming more commonplace. I observe that processes that used to take many years can now be considerably accelerated, provided we take self-responsibility for our healing and are willing to do so. It's not necessarily about intense sports exercises or energizing yoga flows and poses, but often about gentle yet conscious impulses. The body hurts because it wants to remind us that we chose it to move on this earth. It wants to be noticed, with or without pain. And when we start to lovingly dedicate ourselves to it, it's a gradual process of letting go, of relaxing - the body becomes softer and lighter.

For me personally, my physical healing received a tremendous boost when I dedicated myself to the energetic level. After my first treatments, it felt as if heavy armor layers were melting away from my body. Today, the combination of gentle impulses from osteopathy, yin yoga, and energetic treatments has proven effective for me. It's different for every person, and everyone can discover what works best for them.

Sensing and perceiving one's own needs and figuring out what it takes often works very well in my coaching sessions. Increasingly, my clients then inquire about subtle impulses. This makes sense because sensitivity extends far beyond the physical realm. The heightened perceptiveness that comes with neurosensitivity cannot be solely explained by material (gross material) processes. To blur these boundaries, I integrate - when needed - methods from energy work.

Disclaimer: Participation in my services is at your own risk. I would like to point out that my offers are in no way a substitute for a visit to the doctor, medical, psychotherapeutic or curative treatment or diagnostic activities. I make no promises of healing and always recommend consulting a qualified specialist or therapist of your choice in the event of health problems.

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