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Sound Meditation

Take a moment to pause, breathe and relax

Especially when the head is full and it is difficult to be in silence, sound and music are supportive media for meditation. That's why I'm making self-composed sound journeys available here. They serve to pause for a moment, anytime and anywhere, so that the mind can calm down and the heart can open up. I recommend headphones and conscious breathing. Whether you are walking, lying down or sitting, regularly allow yourself a moment to feel. Have fun with it!

15 minutes (guided lightly)
Vertrauen zur Tagundnachtgleiche (leicht geführtClara Chill
00:00 / 14:49
15 minutes (only sound)
Vertrauen zur TagundnachtgleicheClara Chill
00:00 / 14:49

If you would like to hear more of my music, please have a look here: Music & Art

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