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Space Coaching

(Re)alignment and optimization for healthy living and working spaces

Optimize your surroundings and ignite an energetic support for your professional success


Basic principles

  • Your living and working spaces remind you consciously and unconsciously of your goals and therefore act as catalysts.

  • Neurosensitive people in particular perceive their surroundings at the most subtle level and react to them (for example with tiredness, exhaustion, insomnia or lack of concentration).

  • Qi is the invisible life energy that flows everywhere around us, within us, in every source, animating and influencing everything, in India it is known as prana.

  • You can learn to recognize the quality of the life energy Qi in your environment, harmonize it and use it as a supporting force for yourself, your plans and projects.

  • When Qi flows optimally, it can have a positive effect on a person's health, harmony and success.

  • Less (intervention) is often more - work with what is already there.

The coaching aims to support you rediscover yourself and transform your living and working environments into reservoirs of positive energy and inspiration, empowering you to tap into them.

How does space coaching work?

Preliminary discussion

Clarification of the scope and assignment


As-is analysis: Why do you want to make changes in your rooms? What disruptive factors are you already aware of? (for example: restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, dissatisfaction)

Goal analysis: What goals are you pursuing? (for example: concentration, success, peace of mind, health, partnership)

Through coaching, you will learn how to sharpen your senses, your perceptiveness and your intuition and how to use them optimally.

Inspection of the living or working spaces to be healed

I will also accompany you on site to help you use your powers of perception effectively in order to have a positive and lasting influence on your surroundings.


Interaction between humans and space

I am one of those people who perceives spaces and landscapes quite sensitively. In other words, my energy levels depend on where I am. As I moved frequently for a while and always had to find my way around new environments, I began to study the interaction between space and people as well as the yin-yang and qi teachings in this context. I wanted to find out how I could optimize my constantly changing living spaces in order to feel good. To do this, I developed methods that were effective without moving furniture or painting. Through concrete actions, I was able to recognize, reduce or change (unconscious) disruptive factors in my home. My training courses provided me with valuable tools that equipped me for this path. Now I pass on this knowledge and accompany people who want to take a closer look at themselves and their spatial environment in order to create spaces that enable healing and the development of potential.

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