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Clara Chill
Focus of my work
  • Systemic Coaching

  • Career, business and management consulting

  • Neurodiversity and inclusion

  • Autisms, AD(H)D, high sensitivity

  • Training and supervision for individuals, groups, teams and organisations

  • Autism-sensitive counselling and support

  • Relationship building through methods of the pre-therapeutic approach and contact work

  • Music and movement-oriented methods in the psychosocial relationship context

  • Trauma management and psychosomatic health promotion

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • Resilience research and salutogenesis

  • Methods of energetics, energy and healing work

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Education & Qualifications

2022 - 2023 Training and certification as a career coach, artop Institute/ Humboldt University, Berlin
Focus: Methods from career counselling, assessment/assessment, work with values, meaning and meaning realization, biography work, blockages and beliefs, vision work, work on resources and strengths

2022 Training in trauma pedagogy and the basics of psychotraumatology, Clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry, Ulm University Hospital
Focus: Promotion of resilience, emotion regulation, psychoeducation, interaction and countertransference analysis, trauma pedagogical diagnostics and support planning

2017 - 2019 Masterproject, The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark
Main subject: Autism Spectrum, Relationship building and Contact Work, Music Therapy, Sound Research

2016 - 2019 Masterstudies, The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark
Main subject: Electronic Music Composition

2013 - 2016 Bachelorstudies, International Salford University, Manchester, England
Main subject: Music Composition

1994 - 2007 Classical music education, Berlin, Germany

Additional qualifications

in the areas of Autism Therapy, Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Psychotraumatology, Polyvagal Theory, Pre-Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Personality development, Conscious Breathing, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Systemic counselling and communication, Systemic constellations, among others:

  • ADHD in adulthood, German Society for Behavior Therapy (DGVT) e. V., Tübingen, DE

  • Accepting Autism and Acting , VHS Berlin, DE

  • The Leader as Coach, VHS Berlin, DE

  • Leading Agile Meetings, VHS Berlin, DE

  • Leadership 4.0: Agile Coaching and Agile Leadership, VHS Berlin, DE

  • Psychological knowledge for profession (conflict analysis, management models, employee motivation, group dynamics) VHS Berlin

  • Principles of Coaching and Counselling, artop Institute at the Humboldt University Berlin, GER

  • Systemic conduct of discussions, The German Nurses Association DBfK, GER

  • Systemic action competence for socio-educational and psychosocial practice, Systemic Center of Wispo, GER

  • Systemic Coaching, Systemic Center of Wispo, GER

  • Relationship and movement spaces - The Psychomotor Practice Aucouturier (PPA) as a support approach for people with ASD, FLA Educational Institute, GER

  • Sensory Friendly Strategies, Autism Research Institute, USA

  • Emotional Regulation Strategies, Autism Research Institute, USA

  • Lead to communication. Therapy concept for interaction and language initiation in ASD, Komm!ASS® Deutschland, GER

  • Emotion and Stress Regulation, Scientific Society Autism Spectrum, GER

  • Inclusion and Autism, Autism-Europe, BEL

  • Music in the context of neuroscience; Clinical Applications of Music, Center for Music in the Brain, DK

  • Reading in the morphic field, Fengshuimeisterei, Berlin, DE


Energy and Healing Work

  • Kali Ma energy work, energetic cleansing, soul retrieval, Fengshuimeisterei, Berlin, DE

  • Aura Surgery and Energy Work, Tsewa Practice for Systemic Constellations and Shamanism, Berlin, DE

  • Soul retrieval, Fengshuimeisterei, Berlin, DE

  • Reading in the morphic field I and II, Fengshuimeisterei, Berlin, DE

  • Reiki I, Akasha Center, Berlin, DE

Professional development

Since 2020 Coach and Supervisor

for individuals, groups, teams and organisations in the areas of Personality development, Reflection of work-related stress situations, Conflict management, Stress management through methods of mindfulness in work and everyday life, Resource-oriented and mindful team development, Change processes, Quality control of autism-specific work, among others.

Since 2019 Consultant and Supervisor for relatives, professionals and institutions
In the course of my research project and practical work with my clients, a concept has emerged that focuses on contact work and relationship building. Establishing meaningful, authentic relationships when accompanying people with autism is the basis for all further therapeutic processes. The concept is integrative and supports the families in their daily life; and the professionals in adapting the methods to the requirements of the institution. In the cooperation, individual solutions are developed for concrete practical life situations in order to initiate long-lasting positive changes for the autistic client, his or her caregivers and the entire environment. To the CONCEPT

Since 2018 Speaker and Trainer

Lectures, workshops and courses in further education institutions, clinics and professional associations mainly in Denmark and Germany on the following topics, among others: Autism support, Creating meaningful relationships with people on the autism spectrum, Music-oriented work in psychosocial practice, Pre-therapy and contact work, Polyvagal Theory, Self-regulation and Co-regulation, Mindfulness-based pedagogy, Sensory integration and sensory perception.

2017 - 2019 Junior Researcher
As part of my master's degree at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, I researched the influence of music and sound in the context of autism. To this end, I developed an interactive sound cushion for children with autism with the Danish start-up inmutouch and tested the prototype in a pilot study with families and therapists.  To the ABSTRACT

Since 2007 Composer, Sound Designer, Music Consultant

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