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Overcoming professional trauma

Your time-out for healing trauma and burnouts

Perhaps life has inevitably led you to this point, or you have made the decision yourself to call it a day professionally. Perhaps you are currently looking for work. I like to think of it as a time-out - a chance to reflect on yourself and get to know yourself anew. It's time to reflect on what has gone before and what new things can now enter your life. This phase offers space for healing. Healing from professional traumas and burnouts.

As a career coach, I have accompanied many people through this phase. In my work, I combine various methods from career and start-up counseling, but also constellation work, meditation, mindfulness, energy work, high sensitivity and neurosensitivity, sound and movement-oriented, as well as trauma-sensitive and psychosomatic approaches. This holistic view enables my clients to grow and develop on different levels of their being.

Even if it may seem like intensive work at first, I often experience how quickly these inner processes can progress when accompanying my clients. Now is the time to let go of the old circumstances and systems in which you have been stuck for long enough and to heal and integrate your traumatized parts. Because it is all your experiences that make you feel true to your uniqueness. Come closer to yourself and your calling step by step, in an environment that truly corresponds to your nature.

For people who are registered as jobseekers, coaching can be subsidized by the employment agency under certain conditions.

For appointment requests, further cost models or payment modalities, please contact me.

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