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Your path to self-employment

Your path to your creative power

2024 offers a strong tailwind for your plans in terms of energy.

If the impulse to start your own business has been lurking inside you for a long time, if you've had lots of ideas and have been indulging in visions of the future, then this year is the decisive moment to take action.

Your mind will now say...

"How am I supposed to do that?"
"Where should I even start?"
"How am I supposed to earn money this way?"
"My idea already exists a thousand times over"
"How do I reconcile this with my current job?"
"What if I fall?"

And what if you fly?

If you are ready to recognize your full potential, then read on...

In a holistic coaching/mentoring I will accompany you from your first ideas to their realization.

How does coaching/mentoring work?

First we open up the space:
"What is all there? What is your vision? What do you dream of?"
Allow yourself gigantic thoughts!

We sort through your ideas and do a reality check:
From lack consciousness to abundance consciousness.

We take a look at your resources:
"Who or what can support you in your endeavor?"
"Where are the obstacles? What is still blocked?"

No more half measures!
Now it's about stepping into your full creative power.
I coach you in your self-confidence and your self-worth - deeply and sustainably.

As soon as you are absolutely aware of your value (and you will be sooner than you think), we go straight to the outside world:
"How can you bring your idea into the world? How can you make yourself visible?"

If you have an impulse now (before the mind kicks in):

Yes, I'm ready!

Then get in touch with me.

The coaching/mentoring can take place on site or online, remotely or hybrid. I provide a protected, professional space in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (10407).

In my work, I combine various methods from career and start-up consulting, but also constellation work, meditation, mindfulness, energy work, high sensitivity and neurosensitivity, sound and movement-oriented, as well as trauma-sensitive and psychosomatic approaches. This holistic view enables my clients to grow and develop on different levels of their being.
levels of their being to grow and develop.

Write me an email with some background information about yourself and why you would like to embark on this journey.

In the next step, we will arrange a non-binding introductory meeting, during which we will find out together whether, how and to what extent we would like to work together.


If we both have a clear YES!
then we clarify our assignment and our investment as well as payment modalities.

If your mind is now only holding you back because it doesn't know
how to finance such coaching/mentoring:

Money should never be the reason why you don't do something,
even though you have a clear impulse to do it.

If this is the case, contact me and we will look there first.


The path leads from lack consciousness to abundance consciousness!

Now allow yourself to step into your full creative power!

Are you ready?

Then please contact me to arrange a non-binding initial consultation:

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