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AD(H)D      Autism      Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP)

The term "neurodiversity" includes autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), dyslexia and learning disorders, dyslexia, synaesthesia, as well as giftedness and high sensitivity (HSP). The focus of my work is on supporting neurosensitive adults, particularly in the areas of AD(H)S, autism and high sensitivity, in the context of professional change processes.

(Note: In my opinion, an increased ability to perceive is not a "disorder", but rather an ability that can go hand in hand with certain challenges).

Pioneers and pathbreakers of the new era

Every neurosensitive person experiences the world in their own way. Some feel intensely and are particularly empathetic, others hear frequencies that only a few otherwise perceive, still others see details that are insignificant for many, and some simply know things without having done much research into them.

An increased ability to perceive and the associated intensive way of processing information are facets of neurodiversity.

In my daily work, I experience how my clients have special access to a higher consciousness through their sensitivity and recognize profound connections that are crucial for collective growth. These insights go beyond superficial observations and enable a deep understanding of fundamental questions such as who am I, where do I come from, what do I want to bring into this world? In a phase of collective change in consciousness and values, I see my clients as pioneers and trailblazers of the new era. It is therefore hardly surprising that many of them pursue advisory, artistic or healing professions.

This perspective is central to my work, but at the same time I don't want to ignore the challenges that come with this ability. An overactive nervous system can lead to overstimulation in neurosensitive people, which manifests itself in the form of exhaustion or sudden shutdowns. It is therefore particularly important for neurosensitive people to keep in touch with themselves, set boundaries and practise self-care in everyday life.

Sensitivity can be used as a potential through targeted training and coaching. The point is to no longer view the increased ability to perceive as an obstacle, but to recognize and use it as a powerful tool. It then acts as a guide, an inner compass, to navigate through life step by step and at the same time create an environment that is in harmony with your own needs - an authentic life in freedom, ease and harmony.

The prerequisite for this is that neurosensitive people cultivate the willingness to dedicate themselves to their sensitivity. Healing begins with the decision to take responsibility for oneself.


In accompanying my clients, I experience that it is possible to experience a new quality of life in a very short time. Every challenge then opens up a new field of learning. We navigate from experience to experience in order to gradually step into our mastery. The goal of my work is to accompany people in recognizing and accepting their mastery. I am delighted to be able to accompany my clients on their journey.

"And so I walk step by step on my path, accepting everything that wants to show itself, even if it is sometimes painful. I let go of external circumstances that no longer belong to me and integrate my inner parts and soul aspects that belong to me and that I had lost somewhere along the way..."

  • destructive blockages

  • negative self-perception

  • low self-esteem

  • self-imposed limitations

  • self-hindering perfectionism

  • Counterproductive thought patterns

  • Selflessness, heteronomy, people pleasing

  • cramped, hardened body

  • Unhealthy compensation strategies

  • Powerlessness, the feeling of powerlessness

  • low-swinging consciousness (fear, shame...)

  • Need to please others

  • feelings of guilt, self-doubt...

  • Letting go of old circumstances and integrating parts of the soul

  • positive self-perception

  • working from authenticity and inner strength

  • Self-determined life in lightness and joy

  • reconnection to your own intuition

  • Self-empowering thought patterns

  • inspiration for others, connection with like-minded people

  • Soft, relaxed body

  • Self-care, self-love, connection to the earth

  • Power over your own thoughts and energy flow

  • High vibrational consciousness (love, gratitude, acceptance...)

  • Radical acceptance and flexibility, being in the here and now

Paths are made by walking them.

Franz Kafka

To fundamentally change something in your life, to take a new direction or to achieve more lightness, you don't actually need to "go to an ashram in India".
The journey begins in the here and now. In every moment we can consciously decide to initiate a change. Are you ready? Then set off - on an adventure - where pain and joy may initially coexist.

The willingness lies in embarking on this journey and seeing everything that emerges along the way, every encounter, every experience as a valuable clue, and accepting the resulting essences as instructive signposts - and above all accepting yourself as your own teacher.

„Treib’ den Fluss nicht an,  lass’ ihn strömen."

"Don't push the river

let it flow."

— Lao Tse

Coaching in Berlin

“Beyond right and wrong is a place. We'll meet there."

— Rumi

  • Professional orientation, goal setting and implementation
    Standing in the profession (attitude and visibility)

  • Optimizing self-organization and time management

  • Getting out of the thought and problem loop

  • Preparing for job interviews and salary negotiations

  • First steps towards self-employment

  • Workplace design

  • Dealing with bullying/psychological violence in the workplace

  • Searching for professional and personal identity

  • Dealing with AD(H)S, autism and high sensitivity

  • Self-care with regard to your own energy balance

  • Regulation of the nervous system

  • Strengthening self-awareness and self-confidence

  • Reduction of performance stress and test anxiety

  • Overcoming beliefs and obstructive blockages

  • Establishing and strengthening the "inner team"

  • Activation of the self-healing powers

Why Coaching?
"Clara konnte mir begreiflich machen, wie ich jetzt schon dafür sorgen kann, dass sich mein Leben leichter anfühlt bzw. wie ich wachsamer dafür sein kann, wann ich mich wieder in „alten Mustern” bewege, die Schwere, Anstrengung und Druck erzeugen. Ich habe mehr Zuversicht gewonnen, dass ich genau richtig bin, so wie ich bin, verbunden mit der inneren Erlaubnis mir ein Leben nach meinen Vorstellungen zu gestalten, das leichter sein darf als mein bisheriges Leben.
Im Coachingprozess konnte ich die Bereitschaft entwickeln den feinfühligeren Anteilen in mir mehr Berechtigung und Raum zu schenken, sie sich in ihrem Tempo und Rhythmus entfalten zu lassen, ohne einen Leistungsanspruch an sie stellen zu müssen. Ich kann mir jetzt erlauben einen Mittelweg zu gehen, in dem ich einerseits „Geld verdiene”, auf eine Art, die dennoch leichter und freudvoller sein darf, und mich anderseits davon befreit in dem Bereich, wo mein Herz sich mehr Zuhause fühlt, zu sehr unter existentiellen Druck zu geraten. Durch das Coaching konnte ich auch mehr verinnerlichen, dass ich alleine durch mein Wesen und durch all das, was ich schon für mich erfahren und transzendiert habe, etwas in die Welt bringe, das wertvoll ist. Es ist weniger das, was ich tue, als das, was ich bin, das Menschen berühren und bewegen kann. Jetzt habe ich das Gefühl, ich bin auf einem guten Weg, ein Schritt nach dem Anderen, alles zu seiner Zeit. Ich kann mich auch an Tagen/Phasen wo es mir schlechter geht und ich wieder beginne zu zweifeln, durchtragen und dranbleiben."
Mary, 36, hochsensibel
studierte Sozialpädagogin auf neuen Wegen, praktizierende Yogalehrerin u.v.m. in Planung
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